"Elope", the fourth album from "Christina Milian", has had several release dates. Spring/Summer 09, late Summer/Fall 09 & December 29, 2009. With her boo, "The Dream", on her team, this album remains unseen. This is her first album, since she left "Def Jam", in 2006, cuz she wasn't making hits. Then in 2008, she's signed to "Myspace"/"Interscope", where she has a chance to be dope. As well as signing a joint-deal with "The Dreams" label, "Radio Killer", under his influence, should make her iller. "Us Against The World" is the title of her first single. The second release, is called "Supersonic", should be cool, with "The Dream", up on it. The album's name changed from "Dream In Color", cuz she grew to "Elope". Hope when she hits the stage, "Christina Milian", don't choke.

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