Wasn't a great fight. Went round for 12 rounds. Honeslty, I enjoyed watching the replay of Pac-Man vs. Hatton, BETTA! But, Dawson did his thing, in da ring.

Oh, excuse me for my rudeness, let me introuduce you to my "New Boo" Mr. "Bad" Chad Johnson, I mean Dawson. (Ya know they both end in s-o-n) Any Who, about my new Boo. Light Heavy-Weight Champion Of The World, at the age of 24 stand'n 6f.3, I would fo-sho, climb his Motha#%ck'n tree!

Dawson is more underated than the "New York Goes To Work show. But, if she can stay on air, dudes can stop being scared, to fight him. His fight style might be boring, but I wouldn't mind waking up next to him, snoring.zzzzzz  zzzzzzzz  zzzzzzzzzzz.


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