They Did Something To Make Him Look Cute


"Diddy" talks about his new group "Dirty Money":

The album spins pop cultrue forward, including the look of the newly introduced trio Dirty Money: Diddy, Dawn Richard from the now-defunct group Danity Kane and songwriter Kalenna Harper. The girls sport short, funky hair instead of long weaves. Their modern look is part of Diddy’s strategic reinvention process.

Kinda Don't Look Like Him

“I, I,, I, think the longer you’re in this game, the less urgent your presence is if you don’t know how to reinvent yourself,” says Diddy, stutters slightly. “For me, it’s important to make sure that I gave what I never gave before. The consumer always wants something new and fresh. So you have to give ‘em a new fresh you.”

Ugh, It's Him

Ebony magazine’s article, rapper 'Heavy D"compared "Diddy" to PT Barnum because to him "Diddy" is the ringmaster of some sort and always seems to be the last man standing. Having his hands in making the careers for "Mary J BLige", "Danity Kane", "Day 26".,"Kassie", "112", "Biggie Smalls" and more, he's hated, but he's also the dude you love to hate.

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