"Drake's" "So Far Gone" mixtape drops today. The funny thing to me is that you've heard and downloaded every song off the album and already stopped listening to it, why buy the album, but people will. Tracks include “Successful”, “Best I Ever Had” and “Uptown” which are some of fan favorites. Also, guest features include "Bun B", "Trey Songz" and "Lil Wayne".

Ugh! I don't just hate on "Drake" for fun, but "Uptown" is not the one. If it wasn't for "Lil Wayne", this song would of never made it on.
9/15/2009 03:02:33 am

Uptown is the best song on the Mixtape to me.

9/15/2009 05:38:03 am

His flow is wack. I ain't picked the shyt up and ain't goin to.

9/15/2009 01:47:05 pm

Man up town is the worst song of his I've heard thus far. I'm with Calvin, I aint feel'n Drake, either. Drakes a fake, ride'n on Lil Wayne's flows and Lil Wayne's dough.


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