"Ebony" was looking for & found the top 25 black women who have "It", cuz "It" is what sets them above & beyond the rest, to be called the best. But out of 25 only 4 will grace the cover over all the others.
"Alicia Keys",
Makes men beg please.

"Michelle Obama", 
The President's baby mama.

"Halle Berry",
So pretty it's scary.

"Tina Turner",
An Old Skool Burner

1.Naomi Campbell  2.Jennifer Hudson  3.Michelle Obama  4.Tina Turner
5.Aretha Franklin  6.Halle Berry  7.Serena Williams  8.Condoleezza Rice
9.Oprah Winfrey  10.Tyra Banks  11.Angela Davis  12.Erykah Badu
13.Jill Scott  14.Lil Kim  15.Whoopi Goldberg  16.Diahann Carroll
17.Pam Grier  18.Patti Labelle  19.Alicia Keys  20.Mo'Nique  21.Diana Ross
22.Rihanna  23.Grace Jones?  24.Mary J Blige  25.Beyonce

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