Wheres, CPS when you need em? This got to be abuse. When them kids grow up and start act'n crazy, everyone gonna be looking around like why you didn't do something? The one we really need to watch is "Blanket" cuz that name alone is enough to smotha someone out, with a Downy fabric softener.

Where is Michael's momma at? Why she aint sat him down and told him if you aint Hugh Hefner, grown men don't leave the house in pajama's, slippers and a blazer. (And he aint even matching). I love Mike, but he's coo-coo for cocoa puffs, and he got his kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket on the same baaaaaaaad, he's bad, you know it, jaamon, hype! (Hee-Hee)

The day I see any of ya'll wearing this same shirt that Michael just bought, I'm going bad, you know, really-really bad, on you.

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