Chad Johnson, giving my numba to Spike Lee,cuz he wants me to be in his next film. Thanks boo.

Man, some chick tried to get on my dude, cuz all she like is white t's, blue jeans & Air Max, so she wanted to call him Ocho Pinko. I'll beat a B*#chAssNess, talk'n bout my dude. That's when I goes off! Any hoo, boo. Tru Da Life, I told him not to wear that fit, but he don't listen to me. But, he got me over here doing the "Stank'y Leg", on his leg.


                     Alonzo & Michael Early                        Oh, & D.Woods (tales from the hood)

Oh Yeya. Oh Yeya! I would love to wake up late, after a date, with my hair sweated and curly, with Alonzo Early.

Mario Williams, Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson, Spike Lee

Sanaa Lathan, Looking Lovely,premiering her film, Wonderful World

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