This self made chick, is da sh%t! Some people, who don't know how to take a risk and step out and dare to wear something different, are hate'n on her. Betta to be ahead of the game, then lame. Betta to start a trend, then to jump on the end.  

Smiling with her eyes, and no longer keep'n eyes in the back of her head, for her stalker, it's a shalker! Tyra Banks doesn't look like a crack-head, street walker!

Amber Rose & Kanye West did their best, to pass the sniff test. Cheese'n and at times looking cheesy, but at least he didn't have on them damn, Nike Air Yeezy's. (Fo Sheezy!)

Man oh, Man oh, Man! If I looked as good now, as Iman looks like at 53 you couldn't tell me nothing. That's that black don't crack! A vision of loveliness, style and grace put a lot of the youngsta's in they place. 

Somebody needs to get fired, or retired. Who eva got her rock'n the same phony pony, aint a hommie! Who eva let her walk outside in this dress, is a mess. 

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