Felt like I was watching a Mike Tyson fight. My Boy! Yes, Im claiming Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao, served your boy, Rick Hatton, some Pinot Power! Not only did Ricky Hatton get knocked down, I say twice, but some say once, in the first round, he turns around and gets knocked the F%CK OUT in the second round. Hatton was clearing unconscious before he hit the canvas with eyes closed and arms doing the one man wave, above his head, dropped harder than a sack of potatos. He curled up with a blanky and a pacifier and took a 2 minute nap. Once he woke up, it took him 15 minutes to leave the ring and he didn't even give an interview. Manny now has his eyes set on beating Floyd Mayweather Jr., who just announced, after being retired for a year, that he's back in the ring. Love Floyd, but my money is on Pac-Man.

Mariah and Nick Carey, were spotted ring side, continuing to celebrate they're one year wedding anniversary.

Denzel is a pimp, cuz how he got in the ring to congrat Pac Man, I don't know.

Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson was chill'n at the ring side.

Jay Z and Diddy was at the fight, and threw a lil after party at club TAO, in Vegas. As you can see while Beyonce is out of the country, he had no problems with finding someone to dance with. 

Cassie, if you can't wear a shirt and hang, and not have to fold your arms so your boobs don't swang, then wear something different so you can do your thang!

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