I Want Her I Really Want Her I Think I Want Her
Your Girlfriend Just Left With Me Yeah She's a Gone'r
I Want Her, I Really Want Her, I Gots To Have Her
Now I Got Her, Yeah Gucci Got Her, 
I'm About To Smash Her Gucci

I mean, "Gucci Mane's" video "I Want Her" didn't do nothing for me and it wasn't supposed to cuz I want him not her, but not him, just a him. (NO HOMO) What I did like a about "I Want Her" video was that "Gucci" did not discriminate and was international. He had chicks of several nationalities and even had a chocolate chick, who was thick at the hip. Tell'n ya'll for 2010 chocolate is in.

(We come'n back and take'n over)

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