Memba Them?

Some "body rock'n knock'n the boots". If you're old enough to know, you know about "Knock'n The Boots". Well "H-Town" is back with a new song and record deal called "Knock'n Your Heels". It's not a remix song. It's a new song with a reminiscent title. I got something old and something new for you. Look below and get a blast from the past and a ffwd to the present.

I'm mad at their personalized belts that they got made in "Solano Mall", but I aint too mad at "Knock'n Your Heels". "H-Town' is back and they brang "Jodeci" with them. Yes, all of "Jodeci". "K-Ci", "Jo Jo"," Devante Swing" & "Mr. Dalvin". 

Not sure if they're gonna have any appeal for the young generation, but for me it took me to a place that I wanted to go.

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