That which don't kills you makes you stronger. I find it rather disheartening that we have people elected or working in government that would have the gall to pass around racist jokes, pics or insults about our 1st black President of the United States, and think it's okay. Racial jokes about anyone is not acceptable, especially at work, but that you would pass it around to government officials, like your in the "good old boys" club, just shows me what our government really thinks of us.

This was sent out in an email by a executive assistant of Republican Diane Black entitled "Historical Keepsake Photo". All this chick got was a write-up but she still got to keep her job. With no apology she admits to sending it, but to the wrong list of people. Still don't see it? Look at the bottom right hand corner and see the "spook eyes" where our President, Barak Obama should be. SOME BULL SH*T! Let that had been me I'd be fired and sued.

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