Jump'n on the scene in 2005, as the lead singer for the group "Pretty Ricky", "Pleasure P", did what most lead singers do, go solo and be bigger than the group, that he left, in 2007. Man, he left right on time, cuz obviously times is tuff for Pretty Ricky", running around in red drawls, doing stripper moves, but any hoo, boo. June 9th, "Pleasure P's" album "Introduction to Marcus Cooper" drops, but you already know, he's got knocks.

"Introduction to Marcus Cooper", took way too long to come out, but that's what anticipation is all about.

1. Im A Beast ft Young Joc
2. Boyfriend #2 
3. Tender Roni (Handcuffin)
4. Under
5. Let Me
6. Gotta Have U
7. Did You Wrong
8. Deserves An Encore
9. Nocturnal
10.If U Were My Girl
11.Birthday Suuit
12.Dream In The Air

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