Going to the Championships for their 30th time, try'n to win their 15th Championship ring, the Lakers take on the Orlando Magic. After 14 years, the Magic finally return back to the finals, try's to pull a rabbit out their hat, but the Lakers aint have'n that.

Game 1: Thursday, June 4-Orlando at L.A. 9pm ET on ABC
Game 2: Sunday, June 7 -Orlando at L.A. 8PM ET on ABC
Game 3: Tuesday, June 9-L.A. at Orlando 9PM Et on ABC
Game 4: Thursday, June 11-L.A. at Orlando 9PMET on ABC
Game 5: Sunday, June 14-L.A. at Orlando 8pm ET on ABC
Game 6: Tuesday, June 16-Orlando at L.A. 9PM ET on ABC
Game 7: Thursday June 18,-Orlando at L.A. 9PM ET on ABC

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