"Ja Rule" 
Going To Jail, What D Hell?

A federal judge ruled against "Ja Rule" who's government  name is Jeffrey Atkins, for a dismissal on a gun possession charge.

"Ja Rule" feels the charges should not stick because the police illegally searched his Maybach after a 2007 concert performance in New York.

And you know the police are above the law searched his car without a warrant but probably made up some excuse for probable cause and found a .40-cal pistol that was unlicensed and "Ja Rule" himself informed them that he indeed had a small personal amount of weed.

What's funny is that the judge did allow a dismissal on "Ja Rule's" admission to posession of weed with intent to smoke, but he'll  still have to report back to court in March on the gun possession charge which carries a minimum 3 and 1/2 years prison sentence.

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