"Ja Rule" is sticking by "Irv", and is set to release his 7th album "The Mirror". "Ja Rule" has been off the scene for 3 years, but it seems longer. His first single "Uh Ohhh" features "Lil Wayne" and will hit the radio July 17th or 18th, and the video is already shot and ready to be released. "Ja Rule" says this album will be different, special and out of this world. Says he's not in a rush, he's got his "Empire Music Group" and "Irv's" got "Murder Inc", and they're both still together, there is no separation. They both do what they do, and then they do what they do together.

No surprise, I hate this song, and if it wasn't for "Wayne" the video would of been hella lame. "Ja Rule" needs to step up his game.

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