I Thought "Jay Z" Had More Swag 
Then To Get Pimp'd By "Beyonce's" Dad

"Jay Z" & "Beyonce" were married April 2008 and I guess have finally decided who was gonna take who's name. Not sure if I'm fall'n for this banana in the tailpipe. Rumor has it that "Jay Z" is legally changing his name to "Shawn Knowles-Carter" and that "Beyonce" is legally changing her name to "Beyonce Knowles-Carter"

It's being said the reason is:
They want to keep Knowles because Beyonce’s parents didn’t have any sons and they’re keen to keep the name going strong, especially if they don’t produce any children themselves.”

Ugh, this sounds like a load of crap to me cuz if I'm correct "Beyonce's" dad done already had a child with another woman and he and her mom are divorcing, so he still got time to spread his seed to make the "Knowles" name succeed.

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