"He's just a super-passionate person, and of course it was rude because it was "Taylor Swift's" moment, but that's the way he really felt.  But, he's been that passionate from his first record.

"He used to jump on tables ... I was trying to make the first Blueprint, he's jumping on tables, rapping, and I'm like, 'Yo, not now.'" That was just him. He's always been that passionate."

 "I told him II think it was rude, and that he has to watch his passion. At the end of the day, we're going to celebrate him for his passion more than vilify him for it.," "Jay Z" said. "Because his passion, which caused him to make Graduation and all these great records, is the same thing that causes him to step out of line sometimes. So as he grows, he has to learn how to balance that. And he'll learn that in years to come. That passion right there ... that wasn't fake or staged — it was how he really felt, and it was just inappropriate. It wasn't fair to Taylor."

And now that West has apologized (multiple times, and to Taylor Swift for his outburst, Jay thinks it's time for everyone to move on. To him, this whole situation, while unfortunate, has been blown out of proportion

"I mean, it's an awards show, really, and I think it's a bit blown out," "Jay Z" said. "He's on the cover of every paper, he didn't kill anybody. Nobody got harmed," Jay Z said. " I don't think he should lay low, I think he should go on tour and have a brilliant career. It's an awards show." 

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