"Jay Z" & "Eminem" 
To Perform At Dallas Stadium. Maybe?

"Jerry Jones' who is the co-owner of the Cowboys, wants "Jay Z" & "Eminem" to perform at the Cowboys Stadium?.

"Jerry Jones" spoke with MTV and is enthusiastic to eventually see a huge rap show at the stadium, which  can hold over 100,000 fans for a concert, and "Jones" thinks "Eminem" and "Jay-Z" are the perfect artist to make such an even happen. 

“Those are the kinds of stars or the kinds of individuals that people are so interested in seeing,” he said. “We’ve got a venue there that can show them and their skills and talent. We could put a crowd in there to watch them.” there to watch them.”

"Jay Z" responds:

“I’m here [playing Dallas] in a couple of weeks, actually,” Jay-Z said when asked about Jones’ comments. “I’m not playing the big stadium, but one day.”

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