"Jay Z" throws his 911 benefit concert and had "Rihanna", "Mary J", "Beyonce", "Memphis Bleek", "John Mayer", "Puffy", "Kid Kudi" , "Swizz Beatz", "Pharell" and more. I'mma be honest I actually had a good time sitt'n on the computer watch'n the concert. Yeah I see what people love about "Jay Z".
"We already home".
"We Run This Town" with "Rihanna", "Jay Z" & "Kanye".
Okay, so I'll admit it, "Beyonce" got gigs, my nigs. But the way she be whip'n that weave, it's a wonder how in a neck brace she don't leave.
"Jigga" what's his motha f'n name?
"Baby you like"....HOV with "Pharell" "gone brush your shoulder", "you gotta get that dirt off your shoulder"
Yeah, that's "Jay Z" with "John Mayer" do'n it on guitar.
"99 Problems But A B*tch Aint 1".
"Jay Z" & "Mary J"
"Jay-Z","Memphis Bleek", "Diddy", and "Kanye West" closed out the show. I aint no "Jay Z" fan, but I did like how he closed out his show recognizing his crowd. That was kinda tight. Now I see why "More Ice" and "Justin" be bust'n. He got some character, I guess. 

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