Man, come on! I'm soooooo sick and tired of all these people like Oprah, Tyra, Robin Givens and everybody else try'n to keep this hype going. 4real, they aint the first couple to fight in a car, and they wont be the last. Believe me Ri-Ri aint as innocent as she's being made out. She's a scrapper and you know she was in there gett'n her hits in. Aint no way a fool driving a car, beat her ass like that unless she had her face up and was gett'n with him. Cuz if she was hiding her face, like her report says, she wouldn't of looked like that. She took the keys and hid them, and was kick'n him, after he pulled the car over. Why she didn't just get out? B4 all this started why did'nt she get out when he tried to push her out, in front of the resturant, but he couldn't cuz she had her seatbelt on? Why, cuz she wanted to fight with him. So, Jet obviously aint got nothing else better to talk about, so they decide to microwave this story.  Instead of talk'n exclusively about Chris and Ri-Ri, they using them as a cover to talk about why people stay in abusive relationships. This crap is scheduled to hit stands on May 4th. I'll be reading that, NOT!

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