Man, I thought "Janet" was way to cool when speaking at he 'BET Award's", but Joe Jackson needs to win the most "Uncaring Father" award. This clip made me cuss! They ask him how he's doing and he says "I'm great, my family is doing pretty good." It's then stated that he knows for the last couple of days has been pretty tough for you guys and Joe Jackson says "And"? When asked hows Mrs Jackson he says "She's fine, thank you". He brings his pottna up there and the announcer is ask'n about funeral arrangements and asks how's "Janet" and the rest of the family doing and he says, "There all doing fine, but I want to to make this statement, this is a real good statement here." and begins to talk about his next music endeavor. Bad, definitely Jo Jackson bad and this made me really sad, and I hope "Michael's" kids didn't see this.
Wasn't a tear in her eyes. I seen people in the audience ball'n like baby's but Janet" was too controlled for me, but I guess different people handle their grief differently but her and Jo are on the same level, to me.

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