"Kanye" & "Amber Rose" 
Dress Like Anything Goes

EEEEEEEWWWWWWW! Is the statement that comes to mind when I first seen "Amber Rose" in her slit dress, look'n a mess. See you can take the stripper out the club, but you cant take the stripper out of her. Just when I thought she finally got it, I see hat she don't. You don't go over seas to the "Milan Fashion Week" with a nasty raunchy stripper fit and think your da sh*t. It looks like the dress "Marrisa Tormei" wore in the "Wrestler". (but Marrisa looked cuter, and she was a stripper and she wore it at work) I'm sooooooo embarrassed and "Kanye" should of told her something but no, he was blinded by his bedazzled slippers. He couldn't see what da hell she had going on.

I don't know what's worst his "Michael Jackson's" slippers or her commando boots. Who ever their stylist is, needs to get fired or one needs to get hired!

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