"Kanye" was greeted with all CHEERS & NO BOO'S as he sat down with "Jay Leno" to apologize publicly for the 3rd time that I know of. After "Taylor' appeared on the view he also personally called "Taylor" on the phone.

Somethings are more black and white than people want to believe. "Taylor Swift" got a bigger uproar for black "Kanye West" being rude then the white Republican Congressman  "JOE WILSON". Yeah bet you didn't even know his name, cuz the reported on it for one day and let it go. He was asked to apologize publicly and he refused. "Kanye" apologized at least twice on you tube and asked "Jay Leno" to interview him so he could publicly apologize. "JOE WILSON" had $200,00 in donations sent to his office in two days after disrespecting the highest ranking man in our country "President Barack Obama"! So you tell me. WHO'S MORE WRONG?

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