I Don’t Care; Hand On The Wheel
Drivin Drunk; I’m Doin’ My Thing
Rollin The Midwest Side And Out Livin’ My Life Getting Out Dreams
People Told Me Slow My Road 
I’m Screaming Out F*ck That
Imma Do Just What I Want 
Look'n Ahead No Turn'n Back
If I Fall If I Die Know I Lived It To The Fullest
If I Fall If I Die Know I Lived And Missed Some Bullets

"Pursuit Of Happiness" is basically a song about gett'n perk'n and being happy on your pursuit of life. I like the cinematography in the video the way everything around him is moving slow & "Drake" pops up as a cameo, but I'm not really feeling the song, guess "Day & Night" was the only "Kid Cudi" song I liked. "Pursuit Of happiness" is off of his "Man On The Moon:The End Of The Day" album which hit stores Sept 15th with songs produced by "Kanye".

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