I Smoke, I Drank, I Do My Thing 
I'm Living In My Own World
I Let Them Hate. I let Them. 
Who Gives A F*ck 
They Want To Know What I Do 
I'm Living In My On Own World
I Chill Back & I Spit Peace In Love (Yeah)

"Kid Cudi" drops on the track get'n his sang on, swear I thought it was "Pharrell". I like "Kid Cudi" cuz he's patient and true to himself and who and how he is. He aint try'n to be something that he's not. Obviously "Snoop dogg" and he have something in common besides a microphone and I think that's why they keep enlisting one another on each otha's tracks, but it works. I like the hook to "I Do My Thing." Moral of the song is do what you do and be happy while your doing it. Shine, roll, sip, smoke'n . live and be happy cuz haters are still gonna be mad.

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