"Lady Gaga" 
Poses & Cries While Try'n To Give "Q" Magazine A Try

"Lady Gaga" threw a hissy fit at her photo shoot for a U.K. magazine called "Q". It has been reported that she burst into tears and stormed off set, and people became concerned for her mental stability after she began fuss'n out the "Q "Magazine photographer during the shoot at London’s May Fair Hotel.

Do ya'll see what' in her pants? Take A Glance.

"Lady Gaga" expressed her dislike to the "Q" staff about the provocative photo shoot, topless with a pair of spiked trousers, i guess is just over the top for her. Before she started crying and act'n a fool she started making demands that she was gonna walk out unless & her boyfriend was allowed to photograph her. She then said for all that would listen “I’m just not in a good place right now.”

“The magazine wasn’t going to stand for that so they told her people where to go. Her behavior was weird.”

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