So, "Lala" tweeted on twitter, like her cut was the sh*tter. She tweets, "Cassie started the MOVEMENT I did the "LALA REMIX""..lol..who will be next..? feels good to let go!!" Now "Lala" didn't go dumb, like "Cassie" shaved to the nape of her nape of her neck, she just did the side, with some Salt N Pepper lines. It's not bad, but it aint good, but like I said before, you can do that when you have mixed hair. Tell'n you "Lala" been out more this year than eva, she doing things to get attention like a lil kid. Bettcha her and "Carmello" aint fitt'n to make it down the aisle, cuz she's doing too much right now.

Black girl
6/15/2009 02:29:59 am

Oh stop it with the mixed girl thing! I'm pure negro and I have this same hair cute and it looks superb on me! Yes!


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