Ya'll know that I am one to gossip, so you have heard it from me. Any who boo. Sources say that DNA will be coming into play. Supposively there is a chance that the baby daddy of her unborn seedis not "Weezy" indeed. It's being said she was digg'n in another rapper's crate named "Push Montana" who is the protege of rapper "Maino". (so you know he's hella weak) I guess for 2 years the been doing the grown up with the bone up after meeting at the BET Awards. A friend of "Push" is run'n his mouth saying one day that "Push" was joking around with their other friends that he might be the baby’s daddy. And then here comes Lauren say'in a a DNA test is gonna be needed cuz he might have father what she seeded

I think this is straight hate, and I can surely relate. If you got "Wayne" claim why would you try and claim a no name?

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