"Jay Z" Drove "Lil Kim" To The Station
& Signed Her With "Rock Nation"

Looks like "Lil Kim's" is gonna be back to make'n sprite cans disappear. Looks like she's gonna be hook'n up with "Jay Z" and joining the "Roc Nation"  A couple of tracks have hit the net including the remake of "Waka Flocka Flame's"  “O Let's Do It” and ya'll probably already heard “Pu**y  Purr” and “Sex Toy”. "Jay Z' is said to be the Executive Producer on her new album so you know it's gonna crack.

"Lil Kim"
"Oh Let's Do It" (Remake)

Tease Right
5/24/2010 03:15:34 am

I think this is a good move on his part. He needs a female rapper on his team and she might carry kids in her mouth like a squirrel does a nut, but will she make him money? There's no if and or buts.


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