Tool On Deck, Why Would I lie 
N*gga You A P*ssy Hope You Got 9 Lies 
I Can Hit A Nigga With The 9, Nine Times
Country @ss Boy, Country Like Leann Rimes
Mississippi D-Banner In Little Weezyana
 Everybody Got Tools, So You Will Need A Hammer
I'm A Pill Pop'n Animal Syrup Sip'n N*gga
So High You Couldn't Reach Me 
WIth A F*ck'n Antenna

Eh, this track goes hard, so I'm glad I'm already home, cuz "Lil Wayne" & "2 Pistols" just hit me over the dome. Their "Like A Knife" is not too gangster but gangster enough and when I was spitt'n "Wayne's" lyrics it made me feel tough.

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