"Lil Wayne" Ft. "Future" & "Drake" - "Love Me" (Official Video)
"Stafford Brothers" Ft "Lil Wayne" & "Christina Milian" - "Hello"
"Drake" - "Started From The Bottom" DJ Dubstep (Feature Cuts Rmx)

"Lil Wayne" Ft. "Future" & "Drake"
 "Love Me"
(Official Video)

"Started From The Bottom"
DJ Dubstep (Feature Cuts Remix)

"Stafford Brothers"
Ft "Lil Wayne" & "Christina Milian"

Twitter: @plthr @RealJessJohnson

 Formerly one half    of Hujje, Pleather is set to carve his own niche in the EDM    world with a unique sound that draws many influences from    the 80s and combines them with a modern twist.  The first release from Pleather is an official remix of Stafford Brothers' newest single "Hello" featuring Lil Wayne & Christina Milian.

Pleather's remix of Hello stands in stark contrast to the original version of the track. With an emotional chord progression it feels more like an 80s love ballad than a club anthem. The minimal breakdowns highlight the vocals of Christina Milian and Lil Wayne, while the vintage percussion hits and arpeggiated bassline further contribute to a sound that will take you back in time.

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