What's 8 Root Canals To Goblin? (Nawthin)

I'll admit it I though it was a stall tactic to keep him out of prison as long as they could but finding out that on Tuesday "Lil Wayne" got his grill drilled for 8 root canals I'm a little more understanding. I try to tell people you gone have issues with them grillz cuz your teeth need to breath or they die. That fact that he got 8 root canals doesn't surprise me at all. 

"Lil Wayne" endured the pain of 8 hours of dental surgery which included several tooth implants having to be redone, he got more implants added and several of his real teeth were repaired too. That means his breath was probably kick'n like karate and he was walk'n around in some serious pain. I know "Timmy Lee" swear by em, but this is the prime reason grillz are not for me.

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