I Am Not Falling for The Bananna In The Tail Pipe
"Lil Wayne's" 
Sentence Delayed For A Dentist Visit?

Okay so the way I seen "Lil Wayne" partying this weekend in Miami, and the months before today that he was supposed to report for prison, why didn't "Lil Wayne" go to the dentist? Shoot you can call Western Dental on Friday and be in at 10am Saturday morning. Didn't nobody tell em to put all them diamonds in his mouth. To me these are just stall tactics by his lawyer cuz "Wayne" aint ready. 

Today he appeared before a New York judge with lawyers and "Cash Money" entourage where his sentencing date was officially postponed, so he could receive oral surgery on his teeth. Supreme Court Judge Charles Solomon gave "Lil Wayne" damn near a month of freedom, I mean time to go to the dentist. He is now rescheduled to re-appear March 2, 2010.

In October, Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, over a July 2007 incident, he is to be sentenced 1 year but with good time served will probably serve 6-8 months.

Of course "Lil Wayne" was the topic of discussion everywhere today.

Young Money artists Mack Maine and Nicki Minaj, rapper Talib Kweli and singer Erykah Badu had something to say about the sentencing.

"Extension till march 2nd!" an excited Mack Maine Tweeted. "Thanx for da prayers LOVE y'all...and Wayne said thanx for da prayers too..ym!"  

“God Bless Dwayne and those who support him,” Nicki Minaj Tweeted.
“Hold ur head,” Talib Kweli Tweeted. “We hate seeing our brothers in the prison industrial complex. We need them in the world.” 
 “I hear anybody on here sayin one Ill word toward my brother Wayne,” Erykah Badu Tweeted. “That's a great brother. Growing just like us. Salute. I WANT YALL TO BLOW Twitter UP tellin Dwayne Carter how much we love him! That's our brother !! May his time away bring lessons & peace. Wayne is a great human being.” 

Ugh, he's going to jail for gun possession that he plead guilty on, they act like he was framed. Twitter had all kind of pray for Wayne tweets today. have to throw some "Cassidy" one em. Yeah "Stop Act'n Stupid".

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