"Lisa Raye" is the next D-list performer to get a reality show. This one will be focused on her divorce from Turks & Caicos premiere Michael Misick.  It's said that she’s tell'n all the buznass about her ex husband who left her for another chick and her former friends like "Rocsi", "Vivica Fox", and "Star Jones" who betrayed her. (Pay back is a b*tch)

Star Jones: When she was going through her divorce stayed with “LisaRaye" at her home in the Turks & Caicos for three weeks.“When the tables were turned and "Lisa Ray'es" marriage ended, "Star" was helping LisaRaye’s husband.(Probably cuz she wanted to help herself to him)

Vivica Fox: Was her best friend and told persona best-friend secrets to "Lisa Raye's" ex-husband. 

Rosci: is an enemy because she supposively had an affair with "Lisa Raye's" husband. 

Wonder if they gonna show "Al Sharpton's" nappy chest hairs lay'n in her bed? UGH!

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