Super Star You Are The Best I Ever Had By Far
But I Can't Get Over You
Even Though Your Just Too Far 
So High Out There (U Say High Out There)
Baby They Can't Touch U,
 U Know They Can't Touch U
Yeah, All I Want To Hear You Say Baby Is Yes
But Your Here Right Here & Can Hear My Heart Go
Boom Boom Boom Boom
I Be Missing You Like Boom Boom Boom Boom
I B Need'n You Like

Sometimes when you listen to "Lloyd" you stop listening to him cuz his voice is so high and sweet, but if you really take time to listen to the lyrics you can hear it. This song sunk a big ax right in the middle of my chest. I'm sitt'n over her like "Tito give me some tissue" (I'm allright) just wishing someone needed me. Must be nice for someone to need you for more than a ride,some money,can you baby sit & what's you cook. Must be nice to just be needed for you love. (Ya'll have to excuse me, celebrating the Real spill's 1 year anniversary got me soft over here. (I'm Allright. I'm All Right. In my best "Mini Me" voice)

3/11/2010 08:50:21 am

ii Am addicted to this song . ii cried when i first heard it & ii Need the Lyrics OD ! Lloyd , ii give you BIG Up's to dhis . Dhis sng needs to become a #1 singLe on the radio !


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