"Bada Boom
 (Drake & Big Sean Diss) 

Ummmmmmm, all I can say is "Ludacris" "Said It With Your Chest", and laid "Big Sean" to rest. YIIIIKES! This is what happens when new-b's start'n cap'n, they got to hear back from an "O.G.", who is a professional at blap'n.

I'mma be honest, I hate to see a rapper stoop down to someone else's level, but I guess sometimes just like beef on the streets, some time you got to stomp em with your feet. "Ludacris" is a lyrical assassin, and if you aint ready to have a battle of words, you betta act like you heard.

Basically "Bada Boom" is a diss track to "Kanye's", "Good Music" artist "Big Sean", who is way too new in the game to claim that "Ludacris" & "Drake" stole his game. The whole beef is over "Big Sean" giving an interview, a year ago, and stating that "Drake" & "Ludacris" stole his lyrical style, like a missing child

To hear the words straight fom "Big Sean's" lips click on "What's Crack'n" to see what's happen'n.

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