Meet Me After The Party Is Over
When Everyone Around Us Is Leaving 
That's When I Want You To Come Closer
Cuz Ur The Only One That I'm Need Then

"Think'n About You" is off of "Mario's" album "DNA". I'm a "Mario" fan. I'm not a fan of that bald head and can't wait for him to grow some hair back cuz that "Dante's Peak" he got on the top of his head aint cute. But I love the "Think'n Bout You" remix, which features "Kelly Rowland", who sounds like she's at the top of her game, and he couldn't of picked no one better for this remix.

"Think'n About You" (Original) Video

"Think'n Bout You" ft "Diddy"

"Thinking About You" ft "Yo Gotti"

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