If This Is Our Last Chance 
Why Don't You Let Me Know 
If This Is Our Last Dance 
Why Don't You Tell Me So
After The Musics Gone & We Can't Dance No More You Can't Ignore The Feeling's Gone
Here Comes The Pain
I Can Feel It In My Body
It Aint The Same

As soon as "Here Comes The Pain" started I could tell it I was gonna love it. "Mario Winnans" made me pick up my cell phone and want to call and break up with somebody but I had to remember, I aint got nobody to break up with. I'm glad he's back. Seems like everybody that messes with "Puff" dissapers, everyone but "Mary J Blige".

"Mario Winans", "Puffy", "Loon" & "Ginuwine"
"I Need A Girl Part 2" (Video)

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