Recently "Mary J Blige" made a statement on her Twitter about haters, and how hating causes cancer, which offended some of her fans who have, have had, or been affected by cancer.

All you haters please stop hating. God loves me and I know it and that’s why I get what I desire.

Being a hater cause cancer, seriously! I’m saying this because I love you.

To every one showing love!! Thank you!! So much!!!! I will do every thing I can to never let you down.

I’m so deeply apologetic for offending anyone with cancer :-( I love guys so much sincerely and would never do anything to hurt you!

I just got offended myself by some one that said something negative about me.
That’s not like me to go there but im such an emotional human and I slipped.

Please forgive me, I’m better than that and will be EXTRA careful next time. I love you guys and am praying for you.

I don’t understand what your fighting and I hope I never have to. Now I will fight with you though prayer.

Very irresponsible of me. Again Im sorry!

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