"Them other chicks aint got nothing on me nothing on me". Is how "Mary J Blige" is strut'n in the building and it's obvious she's feeling herself

Set for a November 24 release date, the album will be a direct reflection of the R&B star's life, say "Mary J".

"The album represents who and what I am right now," she told Rap-Up.

"I'm a stronger human being after all the growing pains," she continued. "It's about life, love, change, strength - mostly really knowing who you are and being confident in that."

The album's first single, The One, is said to feature Drake and the highly controversial Auto-Tune technique.

"It was for effect," Mary said of the song. "I wanted Crazy Mary to get her shine on. She couldn't get her shine with my regular voice. I used the effect. I used it as a telephone effect or reverb."

The second single, the album's title track, is said to feature "Chris Brown".

It will also be featured in "More Than A Game", a documentary about NBA star "Lebron James".

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