All That Glitters Aint Gold, And Mary Is Way Too Old To Act The Way The Story Is Told. 
Mary Put Her Hands On Her Dude 
In Front Of Camera's & Witnesses
 & Didn't Care She Was At Her Own Record Release.

See, I'mma just be honest when it's black on black crime don't nobody really care. Obviously "Mary J's" album aint called "Stronger With Every Tear" for nothing. She's been going to the gym and got stronger so instead of gett'n whooped on looks like she's doing the whoop'n

At her record release party for her album "Stronger With Each Tear" it has been reported that "Mary J" and her husband Kendu got into an argument cuz she thought he was flirting with a waitress (I love Mary, but don't nobody want Kendu, but her). Other's say they had started arguing earlier in the night when he removed "Mary's" brother from the VIP in order to let some video vixens in

"She turned to him and was screaming, 'You're not going to ruin my night'," a source told New York Post. "They got up in each other's faces before someone tried to separate them, at which point she shoved the guy aside, pulled back and popped [Isaacs] in the face." They were taken from the party to a club called "Pink" which was closed that night. At some point she bit him on the hand and said, "What are gonna do Chris Brown Me"? The body guards kept "Mary" in the club and told "Kendu" to leave.

Mary's publicist issued a statement saying that they were  playing around and all the eyewitnesses misinterpreted the incident. In the video below it is clear that she hit her husband Kendu and witnesses jumped in to subdue MJB.

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