Reality t.v. has been responsible for resurrecting the careers of many former has beens. Looks like "MC Hammer is no exception to the rule. With his wife of 23 years and 7 kids, he'll be opening his doors, in Oakland, CA (The Yay) showing what it's like to have been rich and famous, and now broke and nameless. Now, I aint hate'n cuz I love "Hammer", and in the 90's he was the one, son. I just hate to see him pimp'n himself out for "Cash For Gold" and now this. "Hammertime" airs on June 14th on A&E network. I remember rewinding the vcr, over and over try'n to learn how to "Rodger Rabbitt". Back then we used to do the smurf, cabbage patch, running man, prep, and the pac man but I never did the typewriter. So, for those of you who know, and those of you who don't know, I present to you a classis: "Can't Touch This"

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