Yep, it's skinny Jones, lost a lot of weight, off them bones. Said, no lie, him and Jarret was kick'n it at Subway doing they diet thang. See, you too can eat a $5.00, $5.00-footlong, and lose weight, too. So, Im gone get off this fatty, like a beef patty, on da grill, and give you da spill. Mike got a new album coming out called "The Voice". He wants to prove he's not a 1 hitter quitter. He got major dudes on here, like Trey Songz, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Twista, Jim Jones and your boy Mannie Fresh produced a banga on here. Be on the look out for his flick too, "The American Dream", detailing his life from rags to riches, from sandwiches to                                                    bi%ches! 

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