Monica Gets Upscale & Keeps It Real


On her personal struggles:

My family has been financially comfortable since my career began. But we’ve had other issues. I’ve experienced death, my career has been up and down at different times.There are no secrets with me. I’m open. The only things I won’t talk about is something that affects other people. If it’s not just my story, I won’t tell it. [Like your relationship with C-Murder?]Absolutely. He goes through enough. And it was over ten years ago. Not just him. Even before me finding my real friends, I had other types of friends. I’m loyal. And I don’t like when people are disloyal. I found out that friends I had for a long time who had not so positive things to say about me when I was not around. Anyone not being loyal or honest is the only reason why I cut off friends. I don’t live in the past. But I’ve definitely had moments where I felt I was being used.

On not working with Dallas Austin on this album:

We have to be on the same page. Sometimes, he’s doing a completely different sound and it may be a different world than what I’m doing. So I feel him out and see if we’re in the same zone. Sometimes we are. Sometimes we’re not.

On growing up:

I’m just not who I used to be anymore. My focus is my children and my family as a whole. 



On staying true to herself:

When I was sixteen, I would go from an awards show straight to a cookout in the hood. People didn’t understand. But the music industry never changed who I was. These are my people. It is what it is. You look at a rapper on his first album, million dollars worth of jewelry. And then you look at Jay-Z who may wear none. You grow up.

On looking forward:

My children don’t know who I dated 12 or 13 years ago. It’s inappropriate and I’ll tell anyone that. I owe my current relationship more than that.



On being a celebrity:

I love Beyonce. But her life is for her. My life is for me. It’s what’s the Most High has chosen for me. I can’t compare our careers.

On her dream duet:

Whitney is still my idol. I still need to do a song with her before it’s all over. I have to!


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