Monica's Baby Daddy/Fiance Rocko 
Left Her "Still Standing" By Herself With Two kids

"Monica" took to "Twitter" and confirmed by tweet that she and "Rocko" have broke up! "Monica" said they're over and they will keep the details “personal” while keeping the kids first. Her statement:

“Thank u everyone for all the love your sending. @Rocko4Real is a great father and we will continue to love and parent our children. The Rest is a private matter between @Rocko4Real and I. He is a good person. We all make mistakes. Even separated we will always be family.I say thank u again to u all. And as I live and learn I grow. Don’t feel sorry for me just pray for me. Gods got it. Have a great day.



3/12/2010 03:53:24 pm

thats the best way to put it


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