"Another Black Girl Lost"

I don't know how I feel about "Another Black Girl Lost". The title threw me, and as I listened I seen it was about a black girl having a baby but still feeling like it aint gonna stop her, she's still the baddest and will hold it down, "Nas" was talking about how he liked black chicks in all colors-shapes-sizes, but I just wasn't feeling it, and I always feel what "Nas" got going on, but just wasn't feeling the point of this song

He loves her, but she's a hoe, but he want to wife her, but first he's got to see the baby. I'm confused. Why would you want to marry a chick doing it to all your dudes and then you don't even trust the baby's yours? See, its them chicks that get all the good dudes, and the good chicks get gipped.

Maybe I'm just a little sensitive to the subject, cuz I ball on a budget. (lol) 

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