At the start of the show "Ne-Yo" told the crowd that he wasn't feel'n well and to bear with him. He performed for one hour in Manchester, UK it was obvious his voice was bad and he started to cry as he apologize to the crowd for ending the show and promised he'd be back.

Ne-Yo blogs a statement:

Basically, I have an issue with not knowing when to say enough is enough, so last night in Manchester, my body said it for me.I got on stage energized and ready to go, even tho for the last 5 days I’ve been dealing with a sinus infection. I paid it no real mind, and kept on going, like I always do. My voice couldn’t take it. From the first song I knew something was wrong. I shoulda stopped there, but I come from a school where no matter what, the show must go on. It wasn’t until about 4 songs in that I came to the painful realization that my voice was done, literally nothing left, and that I would have to stop the show.

Now let me explain something to you:When I say this music, that stage, my fans, THIS is my life, I’m not saying it cause it sounds good in a sound bite. THIS IS MY LIFE!! Not much else matters to me, honestly.My music, my family  and the people that appreciate my music…..the fans. THAT’S ABOUT IT!!I’ve never had to stop a show, never dreamed I’d ever have to. So when I had to walk out on that stage and tell 12,000 of the people responsible for making me who I am that I could not perform for them, it literally broke my heart.I cried harder than I have in a very long time with no shame whatsoever.

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