"Ne-Yo" Ft. "Future

Mmmm, hmmm. It's something about the sound of "Future's" voice, and they way he talking up in here, I see why your girl "Ciara" is sprung dumb!!!!

But, on some real stuff. I'd rather live that "Luxurious" life on my own hype. They basically saying you got to put it down, (which I do) if you want to get kicked down. I'm not knock'n nobodies hustle, but I aint pimp'n myself out for no shoes and purses and trips. What I got comes from from the hip without requiring a tip. I'm choosey who I let do me. Just cuz you're paid doesn't mean you'll get laid, but I guess it helps. (lol)

 Do you boo, I aint mad at ya, I'm glad at ya.

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