At the Annual White House Correspondents Dinner, President Barack and 1st Lady Michelle Obama, had fun, cracked jokes and made light of the drama, must be nice to be the President's baby's momma.

Stevie Wonder seen more than me, but too bad he can't see, that belly to be.

Like a ball of cotton candy, Eva Longoria is look'n fine and dandy.

Wanda Sykes got the "yikes", as she went bad on Rush Limbaugh calling him the 20th highjacker.

Man, when will you eva see a picture with Al Sharpton, Tyra Banks and Chris Tucker? Black people unite, tonight.

Taye Diggs, with no gigs.

The older she get's the betta she looks, and Alicia Keys definitely cooks.


Kerry Washington, looked like she belonged in DC, couldn't of did it betta if that dress was on me.

Luda took his mom, like a geek to the prom, but for that he's DA BOMB!

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